Nina Wesler
Art Direction Branding Visual Design

Pop-Up Studio Branding

Art Direction


Cole Williams Michelle Noelke Sarah Wilson Nataliya Brown Mariah Behrens Amanda E. Welch Akiko Masker

As the Creative Lead to the Branding team, together we created and cultivated the Pop-Up Studio Brand for Portshowlio 2018. We initiated a Pop-Up gift shop selling branded merchandise as a fundraiser for the Class of 2019.

Toast Magazine

Print Design

Toast caters to cultured young professionals and seasoned travelers. We celebrate those with an interest in the arts, being patrons of the arts, and exploring the world like the locals do. Here's to the good life!

Cloudburst Brewing Co.



Julia Rundberg

For beer lovers, Cloudburst is the brewery that offers unpredictable flavors and a one-of-a-kind experience unique to our city, Seattle. We believe experimenting and having fun is the best way to brew beer, and we created a brand to embrace that.