Anna Atiagina
Illustration UX / UI Web Design

Able, Volunteer App



Isabel Blue Julia Rundberg

Able is a smartphone app aimed at connecting volunteers with organizations and making volunteering easy and satisfying. It is designed for busy people and people who are not very comfortable with mobile apps. I worked on UX/UI of the app.

Nat, Conversational Projector Robot



Amanda E. Welch

Nat is a conversational learning robot and projector that comes loaded with content for National Geographic Kids. Nat both talks and projects images and videos on the wall by request. Project includes multi-modal UI design and complex product design.

Green Lake Park Redesign


The new design system for Green Lake is aimed towards active people of all ages who come to the park to exercise. It utilizes a dynamic and energetic color palette that will stand out in the park at any season as well as friendly illustration style.